Resparke - A proven therapeutic dementia care and wellbeing technology

A proven therapeutic dementia care and wellbeing technology

Personalised music, videos and podcasts for seniors

49 %

Reduction in
changing behaviours

50 %

Reported an improvement in residents’ mood

A simple, easy-to-use technology

Resparke offers thousands of specially curated music playlists, videos and podcasts available 24/7. 

Personalised content

Smart Match technology transforms resident preferences into interactive personal profiles with a click of a button.

Technology solution ​

Pre-programmed tablets and specialised wireless headphone technology kits enable easy content delivery.

Specialised training

Aged care specialists, virtual training, staff coaching and access to eLearning libraries and webinars support care teams.

Supporting staff to deliver

Music as Engagement

Religious & Spiritual

Cultural Connection

Dementia Coaching

Palliative Care Support

Supporting compliance

We support homes to provide person-centred care compliant with the Aged Care Quality Standards

and improve resident outcomes in line with National Quality Indicators

The Resparke effect

Medication Management

Assists all staff in managing changed behaviours using personalised, non-pharmacological strategies.


Staff reported an 80% increase in job satisfaction using the technology*

Consumer experience

Personalised engagement through Smart Match technology and personal profiles provides residents with a more positive and personal experience.

Unplanned weight loss

Music offered via headphone technology supports a calm dining experience that promotes positive nutritional intake.
To find out how Resparke can support you to deliver efficient and compliant person-centred care.

Resparke delivers 360-degree organisational impact



Person-centred dementia care


Ongoing training
and support



Supporting compliance


Creating meaningful connections


Resident stories

PHN Award

Resparke is the 2022 recipient of Primary Health Network’s prestigious ‘Supporting Patients Through Technology’ award.