Resparke - A proven therapeutic dementia care and wellbeing technology

Resparke creates moments of joy and connection for your loved ones in aged care.

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Resparke improves wellbeing in aged care and assist those living with dementia

Care staff tell us that using Resparke’s AI-powered personalised music and video experiences delivers incredible results:

Dementia stories

How can you use Resparke to enrich and personalise your loved one’s experience?

Start by telling us their story

Having a loved one enter aged care is often a stressful experience. There is a mountain of paperwork to complete, and sometimes, a life story in all its richness is lost.


You can use Resparke to easily input and store all the details of your mum, dad, and partners’ life experiences: music interests, hobbies, cultural and spiritual identity, family details, favourite memories and more.

How does it work?

Once the personal profile is created Resparke’s AI technology smart matches personalised content for your loved one. 

Resparking joyful family moments

When families visit, you can use the user-friendly Resparke technology to enjoy experiences together. 


When people living with dementia hear music they can often recall beautiful memories and emotions from long ago, and experiencing this together is what makes Resparke so special. 


We have many wonderful stories of resparke family moments including with grandkids!


Resparke is currently working in aged care homes across Australia and NZ and coming to Homecare soon!

Dementia stories

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